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Adrian Antoine, the producer of the new talents in Miami

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Many artists want to go far, have millions of views, be at the top of the charts, but they forget that everything in life has a process, a path and a preparation.

Adrian has a vocation as a producer, he is an expert in discovering and developing talents that come from all corners of the world to “Miami Talent”, his production company and record label located precisely in the cradle of Latin music, Miami.

Let's get to know a little more about this musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and producer, voting member of the Grammys, winner of several gold records.

How did you start in music?

I come from a family of musicians, my grandfather founded one of the first music academies in Uruguay, which was later continued by my parents and uncles.

I grew up in the Academy and almost without realizing it, like playing, I was learning to play all the instruments until I became a teacher at the age of 12.

Do you think that teaching has helped you to be who you are today?

Of course, teaching is when one learns the most, and also as a producer dedicated to the development of new talents, it is essential to achieve that connection with the artist to guide him in this career that is very difficult and uncertain and if he is not prepared to fail and never move forward you can reach the goal. That is why you have to transmit and capture the essence, the true art, which at the end of everything is the most important thing, beyond commercial success.

What is Miami Talent?

Miami Talent is the universe that I have created to be able to help these new talents who do not know where to start or how to move in this world. My mission in this life is to find the true essence of each artist, develop it and prepare it to earn its place in the industry, that is why Miami Talent exists, which has recording studios, an audiovisual platform, production company, record label and most importantly, a team of human beings and specialist professionals who have the same passion and motivation to do their bit so that the artist is born, grows and performs to their full potential.

What would you say to that artist who wants to succeed?

That he focus first on discovering himself and preparing himself, that he never stop dreaming, but that he move, go out and eat the world. That he allows himself to be helped, guided and that he knows that here he has a producer who will listen to him, give him a hand and give him everything he needs to grow.


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