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30 years on stage

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

In Medellin, Colombia, a woman was born whose parents called Yenny Lorena Restrepo Jaramillo. From a very young age, she discovered that she had an aptitude for singing and a deep connection with music. Thanks to the support of her family, she took her first steps participating in choirs in her city; little by little she was learning and developing her voice. When she arrived at the age of 17, she made her first presentations in different cultural events such as: concerts in shopping malls, restaurants, pubs and weddings in Medellín and in the rest of Colombia.

She interpreted different performances and genres such as Rock, Pop, Blues, Tango, jazz, among many others, to acquire knowledge and experience to later enter the conservatory of the University of Antioquia where she continued her singing studies. There she set out on a firm career playing important roles in opera, zarzuela and the lyrical repertoire.

Curious fact:

In 2010, she made an important participation as the official singer of the Medellin South American Games in a great production that was directed by Franco Dragone, creator of the Cirque du Soleil.

In 2015 she traveled to New York City looking for new "lands to conquer", developing a musical proposal where electronic, contemporary sounds, Caribbean rhythms are mixed that highlight her versatility. In this way, she began to promote her first songs: "La magia que hay en ti", "Te dejo ir", "Se vale sentir" y "Qué más da".

She currently resides in the city of Miami where she continues to work on her next releases and her new album that will be available in 2023.

At the same time, she has reinvented her role as a vocal coach, which she has been exercising since her time in the academy. Bringing her own production company to the market where you can learn to sing as a professional but you can also hire her talented artists for concerts, weddings, corporate events and private events at LOR PRODUCTIONS PARTY ENTERTAINMENT. Where doors are opened for talents who want to emerge in the music industry, making important alliances, such as the one made with Miami Talent Studio for the VOCAL COACH SUMMER CAMP 2022. A summer course designed to adapt to the needs of the student and give all the artistic tools so that talents reach another competitive level, in a market that generates a total demand in the music industry.

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